About Advanced

Advanced Petrochemical Company (previously Advanced Polypropylene) "Advanced" is a Saudi Joint Stock Company, established in October 2005, with paid capital of SR1,639,950,000. The company has been listed in Saudi Stock Market since 2007.

The company was initially launched by National Polypropylene Limited, jointly owned by Mr. Khalifa Al Mulhim, the chief executive officer of Advanced, and Mr. Monther Laheeq, who negotiated all the main deals related to the project, either before or after the establishment of Advanced Petrochemical. Currently, National Polypropylene Limited controls 7.9% of Advanced Petrochemical.

Advanced Petrochemical started the construction of its plants in May 2005. The company produces 455,000 tons per year of propylene and 450,000 tons per year of polypropylene from its production facility located in Jubail Industrial City, in the Eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company started the commercial production from its polypropylene facility on 3rd March 2008.

Since its inception, the company has established itself as one of the major players in the petrochemical industry, not only in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia but also across the Middle East and North Africa region, delivering high quality of products, and using cutting edge technologies.

Advanced Petrochemical utilizes the PDH-Catifin Technology, which is licensed by Lummus, for the production of propylene and also it uses the Novolen Technology for the production of polypropylene. The company's products are the basic building blocks used to manufacture countless everyday goods, such as personal care products, fresh food packaging, lightweight plastics, construction materials, automotive components, durable textiles, medical applications, and many others. With the help of Advanced Petrochemical materials, thousands of products are made safer, stronger, more affordable, and more reliable.

In order to market its product, Advanced Petrochemical signed several agreements with major players in this domain, like Vinmar International, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Domo N.V.